Jeff & Carolyne - May 18, 2013 May 18, 2013

How We Met

On a beautiful Friday morning in mid-September, Carolyne Du was preparing for work as though it was like any other day.

'Just another trip to Beijing.'

She threw her bags in her car and began her early morning drive to Newark Airport.

Meanwhile, 100 miles away in Brooklyn, Jeff Wen awoke with a skip in his step. Today was his first vacation in years.

'This is going to be the best trip of my life.'

He finished packing his bags and eagerly headed to Newark Airport.

After arriving at the airport, Carolyne went about her typical routine. As passengers began to board the plane, a young man walking down the jetway caught her eye.

'He's cute... Nice sunglasses.'

Jeff became quite nervous once he saw the stunning flight attendant staring at him from the entrance of the plane.

'Stay calm. Smile and show your boarding pass.'

He smiled, showed the flight attendant his boarding pass, and settled into his seat.

After taking off, Carolyne could not shake the image of the handsome young man's smile from her mind.

'He looks young. Let me find out. Seat 22J.'

As the beautiful flight attendant approached for the first meal service, Jeff knew he had to do something to start a conversation...

"What would you like to drink?"

... "I'll have a glass of red wine."

"We don't serve wine to minors. I need to see some ID."

Jeff handed over his ID and Carolyne examined it.

'Thank God he's not 16.'

She handed him his wine and smiled broadly at him.

From that moment, Jeff knew he had to get her number, but he could not find the courage to ask. It was not until the end of the flight, when his time with her had nearly run out, another flight attendant handed him a napkin with Carolyne's number on it.

'Play it cool. Act like you've been here before.'

Jeff calmly tucked away the number, but struggled to hide his excitement. He knew he may have a chance to one day see her again.

After their flight landed in Beijing, Jeff and Carolyne went their separate ways. Jeff enjoyed a week in China with his friend, Paul, while Carolyne flew back to the US the following day and rested at home. But neither could fully get the thought of the other out of their mind.

By pure chance, Carolyne picked up another flight to Beijing the following Friday, and just one week after they first met, the paths of Jeff and Carolyne crossed once again, this time in Beijing.

On the plane back to Newark, Carolyne greeted passengers as they boarded and, once again, a young man walking down the jetway caught her eye, except this time it was a familiar face. Jeff and Carolyne smiled at each other, both trying to hide their excitement.

Fate brought Jeff and Carolyne together for one more trip and the rest is history.